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      I am a professional photographer, painter, designer and writer with passion and eagle-eye instincts. My work has an emphasis on music, race cars, equestrian life, life mysteries and the inexhaustive world of fine art. After 10+ years in a career as a master darkroom printer in Los Angeles, I went back and completed my BFA at Otis College of Art & Design in 2007. The digital transition was a bit tough to swallow for this film lover, but I apply the same passion now in my digital work and have grown to appreciate the unlimited beauty of what can be created. My fine art work experiences in Los Angeles were illustrious and following the Great Plague of 2020, having relocated to Silicon Valley whilst I decide where to attend graduate school so I can teach - I am now getting back to my art practice, focusing on a series of mixed media collages, ArtWear and paintings made from my digital images. I'm always excited to meet my new collectors and patrons of the arts...immensely grateful for their ongoing support of my vision. 

   Growing up under the strict discipline required to become an Olympic gymnast, I invest the same steady resolve in my photography, from beginning to end. I make all of my clients feel at ease, and allow for the creative collaboration between us. I love to capture movement and unique fleeting moments, using light to yield striking results.
























As a photographer I bring my artist's imagination and keen visual aesthetic to all portrait sessions. I see each client as the individuals they are and capture their essence with my intuitive vision. I give everyone I photograph my undivided attention and care during each session. I love what I do and feel blessed to be able to use my special skills to make clients feel confident and happy with their time and investment.


I started out as a painter at age 18, and continue to paint whenever possible, and love getting commissions. My favorite subject matter for my art is neuroscience, astronomy, language, quantum mechanics, energy, patterns of mundanity, childhood trauma effects and the anatomy. I was lucky to attend artist entrepreneurship courses through an alumni scholarship at Otis College of Art & Design in 2021. My current goal is to achieve a residency opportunity at TEAR 2026, in Margate, UK, Black Rock in Senegal or ARCUS in Japan 2026. Thank you for visiting. 🌟🐴💕📸🎨🎹

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