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Born in a darkroom, this series explores the fascinating realization that humans have created an external reality that mirrors the inside of our brain. The duality of right and left hemispheres creates connections that enable us to function in our outer world, yet at the same time have an inner world. The images you see here are entirely analog - photographed on film, printed in a darkroom, finally, hand drawn lines on the paper outside the edges of frame with india ink. It is meant to be an optical make you think about vision, space and eternity. These were part of a traveling group exhibition in Los Angeles in 2010 as part of a collaboration with neuroscientist Shinsuke Shimojo of Caltech. Two of these images were mural size prints with lines drawn extending onto walls of the gallery with additional installation of colored vinyl neurons I created to float on the windows of the gallery. 

Limited editions of smaller prints 8x10 " to 20x24" available. 

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